Ms. Johnson's Parent Packet 2013-2014

                                                     Ms. Johnson’s Parent Packet 2013-2014                                         

                                                                     Moline Elementary School

                                                                                     Room #2

                                                                                  Dawn Johnson, B.S.Ed.


                                                                                                                Phone contact:  314-868-9829 ext. 4857  


                                                                      9865 WINKLER DRIVE                                                                              (314) 868-9829

                                                                       ST. LOUIS, MO 63136                                                                             (314) 388-6048 fax


School times

School starts at 8:05 am and is dismissed at 3:05 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Wednesday is a late start day. School starts at 9:05 am and is dismissed at 3:05 pm.


Breakfast is served on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:40am-8:00am.  Wednesday late start breakfast is served from 8:40 am – 9:00 am. 


1.     We highly encourage you to help your child understand the importance and the expectation of attending school every day for the entire school day.          

Students are expected to be in school with the following exceptions:

·       Death in the student's immediate family

·       Illness or hospitalization

·       Doctor or dental appointments

·       Certain days for religious observation

·       Court appearance

2.     Reporting Absences

                  ·       When your child is absent from school,      

                          please call the school between 8:00 a.m. -                                                                                                                 

                          9:00 a.m. 

·     A message may be left by calling the office at (314) 868-9829 extension 4815.

·    Children returning after an absence need to have a note from home stating why they were absent


 3.   Tardiness

·       Students are considered tardy if they arrive to the classroom after 8:05 am.  On Wednesday students are considered late if they arrive to classroom after 9:05 am. 

·       Students must report to the office to obtain the mandatory tardy slip so that they can be admitted to class.


Please make sure that you complete the student information sheet attached to this packet.  At the bottom of this form is where you will indicate to me how your child will be transported to and from school every day.  It is very important to let me know how your child will go home.  If this changes for any reason please let me know as soon as possible. 

1.     BusBus riders will report to the gym. Bus riders will exit the gym door and be escorted to the bus.

2.     Walkers—Kindergarten students that walk will be released at the entrance on the far right at the front of the building.  Kindergarten students will wait with their teacher in the kindergarten hallway and will only be released to an approved adult/sibling. Kindergarten students may not walk home alone. 

3.     Car riders/Van riders—Kindergarten car/van riders will be released at the entrance on the far right at the front of the building.  Kindergarten students will wait with their teacher in the kindergarten hallway and will only be released when contact is made with the appropriate car.

Automobile Traffic

In an effort to provide a safe and quick dismissal process, we ask that you do not leave vehicles unattended.  School staff will be present on the parking lot in front of the school to assist each vehicle with student pick-up.  Staff will supervise students to each vehicle.  Please remember to drive slow and safe in the school zone at all times.


Bicycles may be ridden to school, but must be walked onto and off school property.  There is a bicycle rack on the playground.  Each bicycle should be chained and locked securely to the bicycle rack. Neither the school nor the district is responsible for any theft/destruction that may occur.

Bus Transportation/Bus Safety Expectations

Bus transportation will be provided for students living one mile or more from school. Any offense committed by a student on transportation provided by or through the district shall be punished in the same manner as if the offense had been committed at school.  In addition, transportation privileges may be suspended or revoked.  For each student's safety, the following behavior is expected while boarding and riding the bus.  In order to transport your child to/from school safely, we ask that parents discuss these rules with students. 

  • Students are expected to obey the bus driver.
  • Students are to remain seated in an assigned seat.
  • Students who walk home are not allowed to ride any bus in order to go to a relative or friend's home.
  • Students are not permitted to eat on the bus.
  • No animals are allowed on the bus.
  • Bus riders may not walk home without written permission.
  • Students may only ride their assigned bus.

Early dismissal

Update info

SnackWe will have snack time in our classroom every morning at 10:30 am. Please make sure to send your child to school with a healthy snack every day

LunchKindergarten eats lunch from 10:50 a.m.-11:20 a.m.

1.     Lunch Payments Student lunch is $1.55 (includes meal and milk). Reduced lunch is 40¢ (includes meal and milk). Milk is 25¢.

2.     Money for breakfast and lunch will only be collected on Monday and Tuesday of each week, unless a holiday occurs on a Monday.  That week money would be collected on Tuesday and Wednesday.  

3.     Free and Reduced Lunch—Applications for free or reduced lunches will be sent home at the beginning of the school year.  Parents who qualify for free or reduced lunches for their children must be approved each school year, even though they may have received free or reduced lunches last year.  Until applications have been approved, all students should purchase their school lunch or bring a sack lunch from home.  Please turn in your child's lunch application as soon as possible.

Classroom expectations

1.     These student expectations will be followed in the classroom:

Rule1: Follow directions quickly!

Rule2: Raise your hand for permission to speak.

Rule3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

Rule4: Make smart choices.

Rule5: Keep your dear teacher happy!

2.     Students will receive a daily behavior report (see FISH Folders).  Parents are expected to review these with their students daily, sign and return with students the next school day. 


1.     Family Involvement Starts Here (F.I.S.H.) Folders—These folders will be sent home with your student daily.  This folder serves as a daily communication log between home and school.  Please sign and return these folders daily.  There is a section for papers that need to be returned to school and a section for papers that you may keep at home.  More information will accompany the folders on the first day home. 

Daily schedule

Insert updated schedule


Insert supply list


Please do not send the following with your child to school:

• Toys, stuffed animals

• Candy, gum, or soda

• Radios, iPods, cameras, cell phones or other expensive items.


If your child has to bring money for lunch, book orders, milk, or special events, please place the money in a sealed envelope or zip lock bag that is labeled with your child’s name and how the money is to be spent. (I.e. book order, lunch, parties). Students are expected to bring money or notes into the classroom in the morning. Put any notes or envelopes with money in your child’s F.I.S.H. folder.

Dress Code—Moline Elementary has a Mandatory Uniform Policy.  The following is the dress code:

1.     Pants And Slacks

·        Dark blue in color (no khaki pants, or denim)

·        No more than one size larger than their waist

·        Fitted leg and hemmed

·        Length is to the top of the shoe, not dragging on the floor

·        Worn at the waist

·        Belted if there are belt loops

·        No contrasting outer stitching and/or metal rivets.

·        No baggy/sagging pants or slacks permitted.

2.     Shorts

·        Dark blue in color (no khaki shorts, or denim)

·        No more than one size larger than their waist

·        Hemmed

·        No shorter than 3" above the knee

·        Belted if there are belt loops

·        Worn at the waist

3.     Skirts, Skorts And Jumpers

·        Dark blue in color (no khaki skirts, skorts or jumpers /no denim)

·        May not be worn shorter than 3" above the knee

·        No longer than mid-calf

·        Belted if there are belt loops

·        Pleated, A-line, straight, gathered, or gored styles, jumpers and skirts

·        Skirts with full length zippers or multi-zippers are not acceptable.

4.     Vests And Sweaters

·        Dark solid blue or white in color (NO LOGOS)

·        Long or short sleeve sweaters accepted

·        Pullover, cardigan sweaters, or vests accepted.

5.     Tops (No Logos)

·        Solid white, light blue or dark (navy) blue collared shirts and/or Moline school shirts (no stripes)

·        Button-up or polo style, turtleneck, mock turtleneck

·        All shirts must be tucked in.

·        No sleeveless shirts.

·        Clothing worn under tops must also be solid white in color.

·        Plain dark navy or plain white sweatshirts are acceptable.

·        No hooded or zippered sweatshirts.

·        Sweatshirts must be worn right side out.

6.     Belts

·        Solid color belts - black, dark brown, dark blue or white

·        Belts should fit, and end of the belt can be only a few inches past buckle.

7.     Shoes, Socks And Shoelaces

·        Athletic, tennis shoes, sandals (not flip flops)

·        Dark solid colored leather type shoes

·        Socks are to be solid white, dark blue or black.

·        Girls may wear skin toned pantyhose, white or blue tights or knee highs.

·        Shoelaces must be tied, not tucked in on the sides of the shoes.

·        No flip flops, crocs, high heels, jellies, roller shoes or unsafe shoes such as ballet type shoes.  Tennis shoes are a good choice.

8.     Jewelry

·        Minimal and simple in nature and non-excessive

·        Expensive jewelry is not recommended.

·        No plastic colored bracelets

·        No large dangling earrings, bracelets, necklaces or medallion type necklaces.

·        Any lost or stolen jewelry is not the responsibility of the school or district.   School personnel have the right to ask a student to remove his/her jewelry for safety reasons.





Playground expectations will be taught as a part of our school-wide positive behavior support program. Students are expected to: be responsible, be respectful, and be safe.  While at recess, students should include others, take turns, share equipment, and report all concerns to adults.


Physical Education

Because of our active physical education program, it is recommended that students wear tennis shoes during physical education class time.  Girls may want to wear shorts or slacks.


 Progress Reports

Progress reports will be sent home at the midpoint of each quarter to notify parents of how well their students are performing.  This does not mean that the mark at this time will be the mark on the report card, but rather a notation of where the student is at that particular point in time.

 Progress Reports Dates:       


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Formal conferences will be held to report student progress the first and third quarters.  Exact dates are on the school calendar.  Conferences will be scheduled to allow me to see all parents.  In addition to regular conferences and report cards, I will attempt to keep in daily contact with families. This will happen via the FISH folders.  I encourage families to contact me any time if they have questions or concerns.   You may call the school to schedule an appointment to meet with me.  Classroom observations MUST be scheduled through the principal's office. 

 Parent Conference Dates:      

 Report Cards

First and third quarter report cards will be issued at the fall and spring conferences.  The second and fourth quarter report cards will be issued to the individual students the week after the end of each quarter. 

Please Note:  The final report card will not be issued if money is owed or books have not been returned.  Records will not be sent to other schools, including the middle schools if fines have not been paid.

  Report Card Dates:                



School Cancellation/Inclement Weather

  • Although dismissal of school because of ice and/or snow is rare, in case of inclement weather, you are directed to listen to one of the following radio stations for details:  KMOX, KSDK, KXOK, WIL, KYKY, WRTH, KATZ and television channels 2, 4, 5, 11 and 30. 
  • Parents will receive an automated call to inform of school cancellations. 
  • Parents are expected to update contact information often throughout the school year. 
  • You may also access our district web page:

·        Please make arrangements for children in case of school cancellations.  If a severe thunderstorm is in progress during dismissal time, children may be held for a short time until it is safe to dismiss.       


Visitors To School

  • In order to improve school safety, absolutely all visitors to Moline Elementary must check in and provide proper identification at the office. 
  • Visitors must obtain a visitor's badge before exiting the office. The visitor's pass must be worn while in the school.