Weekly Homework Assignments 

Week of 11/9/20-11/13/20                           Week of 11/16/20-11/20/20                          Week of 11/23/20-11/27/20     

M: Worksheet 1.4 Adding Fractions           M: Force and Energy Worksheet                   M: Fraction Word Problems

T: Multiplication Fluency Worksheet          T: Worksheet 2.6 Telling Time                      T: Multiplication Maze

W: Solar System Vocabulary                      W: Worksheet 1.6 Subtract Fractions          W: Life Cycle Chart 

Th: Pass 1 i-Ready lesson                            Th: Source of Energy research                     Th: Happy Thanksgiving! No Homework! 

F: No Homework!                                         F: No Homework!                                           F: No School 



All homework is due on Friday. Parents, please sign the checklist after all work is completed for the week.