World History 8th Grade

    Welcome Students and Parents!

World History Course Description

The primary content for this course pertains to the world's earliest civilizations to the ancient and classical civilizations of Africa, Asia, and Europe.  Students will be exposed to the multiple dynamics of world history inclusing economics, geography, polotics, and religion/philosophy. Students will study methods of historical inquiry and primary and secondary historical documents.


Standards and Expectations

Students are expected to conduct thhemselves in a appropriate manner at ALL times.

  • Students should be respectful to the teacher, peers and themselves.
  • Students should manage behavior and accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions.
  • Disruptive and disrespectful behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Students are expected to work hard at ALL times.

  • Students are to complete assignments on time.
  • Students are to take pride in their work and put forth 100% effort.

Students are expected to pay close attention to instructions.

  • Students should stay focused during readings/ discussions.
  • Students should not talk while the teacher or others are reading or talking.

Students are expected to succeed.

  • Students have complete control over their academic success.
  • Students that need additional help should be proactive in asking the teacher for help.
  • Students that work hard , attend class regulary, complete assignments on time and participate in classroom activities and discussion WILL succeed.

Focus Wall

Place and Time : Mesopotamia 3000 B.C. to 500 B.C.

Objective : Differentiate between continents, regions, countries, and cities in order to understand the complexities of regions created by civilizations.

Essential Questions :

How does geography influence the way people live?

Why does conflict develop?


Monthly Projects

Students will recieve their monthly projects 9/26-9/27. Part 1 of  "Build Your Own Country"  project will be due October 30-31st. NO EXCEPTIONS!!