Class Guidelines



Homework will be assigned the first day of the school week; usually on a Monday. It is due on Thursday. 

Reading- The child needs to read 15" every night or the parent may read to their child.

Spelling- The child may practice the list by writing the words, spelling them out loud, or building them with letter tiles. 

Math- Practice the math facts and/or review the vocabulary that we are learning for the week.

Science/Soc. St.- If there is a project, directions will be sent home along with a due date. 



Children may bring a  healthy (cereal, crackers, etc…) snack each day. Please label the snack and pack it separately from lunch. A clear water bottle (labeled) is permitted as well. Please make sure that your child has a healthy lunch. Canned drinks, sodas, and candy are not allowed.




Students may bring a birthday treat to share on their birthday. Parents should bring the snack to the front office in the morning, and we will serve the treat when time permits. Please text or email me in advance, if you plan to send in a special treat. (


Classroom Expectations

1. Be honest and respectful.

2. Be cooperative.

3. Be willing to try.



Character Development Plan

FOXtastic! : Terrific Behavior (Purple)- The student made superior Christian choices throughout the day.  When a student reaches the FOXtastic level, they receive an extra marble and a cheer from the class. They will receive a stamp and a positive note home in planner.

Happy Hedgehogs: Good Job (Orange) The student has made good choices throughout the day. They will receive a stamp in the planner. 

Badger Break- Think About It. (Yellow)- This level is reached when a child makes a wrong choice. They will receive an initial warning first and then if the student continues to make poor choices, he/she clips down to this level.  This is still a warning only. They will have the opportunity to think about what they are doing. They will not receive a note home at this point. They can move back up to Happy Hedgehogs if they make better choices and still receive a stamp in planner for their good behavior.


Nut So Fast- Teacher’s Choice (Blue)- If inappropriate choices continue to be made, the child clips down this level and they will have a consequence.  Parents will be notified of the situation that occurred.

Oh Deer! Office Visit/Detention- (Red)- If a child continues to make wrong choices, he/she will clip down to red.  If something serious happens, he/she will be referred to the office as soon as possible. Movement to this clip will affect their behavior/conduct grade. 


Physical Education

Please make sure that your child wears tennis shoes or shoes with rubber soles for playing. We have p.e. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The kids will have recess when the weather isn't too hot or rainy.  Ms. Kari Tijon will be taking one group out to play while I work with the other grade level. Also, because of possible dehydration, students may bring a water bottle every day. 


Dress Code

Please  check the MBCA website or parent handbook for the current guidelines. I strongly encourage you to send a light sweater or jacket daily because the temperature in our room fluctuates. It can be very cold at times. Thank you for helping your child stay comfortable.