About Me

Hello Students and parents of students!

   I am a first year teacher and am so excited to get to meet all of you!  I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse with a degree in education and my emphasis in math.  I am so excited to finally take the things I've learned and the skills I've gained and finally implement them in my own classroom.  I have so many fun things planned for this year and know that it will be a great one. 

   As parents of students I think it is very important that you are aware of what is going on in the classroom.  This website will allow for that to happen.  I will be posting about what we are doing along with pictures and I will also have the lessons that we will be going through for that week so that you can help your students stay on track.  If you want to talk more with me about something that is happening you can email me, call me, or meet with me face to face.  You as parents play the most important role in your child's life and so I think it is also very important that you are just as present throughout your child's education!

   I can't wait to meet all of you and start sharing what's going on in the classroom!