General Info & Policies

Ways to Contact Me

E-mail is the best way : )

You may also write a note in your child's agenda book



Birthdays ... what fun! Birthdays may briefly be celebrated during your chid's lunchtime in the cafeteria. You may bring in a simple, store-bought treat that does not need to be sliced n' served (donuts, cupcakes, cookies, inc.). Please remember to bring in plates and napkins, as well. Due to time constraints, please do not bring in any favor bags or decorations. Thank you!!


Snack Time

The children are allowed to enjoy a light snack in the late morning. Please only send in small, HEALTHY snacks that can be enjoyed quickly without creating a mess.


Behavior/Management Plan

I  follow a card flipping plan. Each child has their own pocket, which contains 4 different colored cards. Each time a student chooses not to follow a rule or does not display Silver Ridge LIFESKILLS, they are asked to flip a card. Each time a student flips, they have earned a behavior paragraph to write during Fun Friday time. I will always record a flip, along with the reason for it, in your child's agenda. 


Green = "Awesome day filled with good choices"

Blue = "Warning. 5 minutes off Fun Friday"

Orange = "Today I had a little trouble making good choices. 10 minutes off Fun Friday"

Pink = "Today I had A LOT of trouble making good choices. Phone call home. No Fun Friday"

**Pink cards count against Field Trips 

**Rewards were outlined in the procedure packet that was sent home the first day your child met with me. 

Of course, I am more than happy to create a custom behavior plan for any child who does not respond to the card system.