School Policies

Excused absences include:  personal illness, family illness, death in the family, special religious holidays, and family vacations in which the family has already cleared missed days through the pricipal.
When a student misses school: 
The student is responsible for making up the missed work in a timely manner or will accept a zero on the missed assignments.

The students will recieve a reprt card with a number scale for reading,  math,  science, social studies,  and spelling/grammer/composition. Which is broken down as: 
90-100   Excellet Progress
80-89      Good Progress
75- 79    Meets Expectations
70- 74    Needs Improvement
0- 69       Unsatisfactory 
and a letter mark for health, handwriting, fine arts, conduct, technology, and physical education.  Which is broken down as 
E - Excellent
S- Satisfactory
N- Needs Improvement
U - Unsatisfactory

Homework is to be used as reinforcement of the work done in the classroom.  Homework is given so that the student may become a more independent learning and develop good work habits.  It may also be given to make up work missed by an absence or finish work not completed in school. 
Guidelines for homework for a third grader indicates about 1-2 hours a week should be allotted for homework.
       *This is a guideline: some students may need more and others less.