7th Grade

7th grade social studies this year will consist of geography and world cultures. We will be discussing different cultures, starting with Western Europe. At the bottom of this page, which is a rough outline of the year, is a link for each homeroom. Click on your homeroom and you will be directed to your calendar. Also, if the topic is underlined, that means you can click on it and be taken to another page. For example, I will be posting your study guides online, in case you lose your paper. So if you click on the link that says study, you will be able to access your study guide!

September: Geography and map skills

October and November: Western Europe-Early Europe, The Spread of New Ideas, World Wars and Europe Today

December and January: Africa

February: Southern Asia and Southeast Asia

March: India and Its Neighbors

April: China

May and June: Australia and New Zealand: History and Today

Homeroom 309

Homeroom 307

Homeroom 308