8th Grade

Welcome to 8th grade social studies! This year we will be discussing American History, from the beginning. At the bottom of this page, which is a rough outline of the year, is a link for each homeroom. Click on your homeroom and you will be directed to your calendar. Also, if the topic is underlined, that means you can click on it and be taken to another page. For example, I will be posting your study guides online, in case you lose your paper. So if you click on the link that says study, you will be able to access your study guide!

September: Early European Explorers and the Discovery of the New World; The Origins of Slavery

October: England's Colonies: Where They Were, What They Did and The Beginning of Rebellion

November: The American Revolution

December: Early American Government and the Constitution

January: America at the Turn of the Century

Feburary: Slavery and Unrest in America

March: The American Civil War and Reconstruction

April: Reconstruction and the 1900's

May: The Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression

June: World War 2 and Modern America

Homeroom 306

Homeroom 308

Homeroom 311