Behavioral Management

Behavioral Management procedures will be implemented to ensure that we remain focused and productive in order to attain as much knowledge as possible throughout our adventure in Language Arts and Literature class. Therefore, below you will find various supportive and corrective measures that will be used in the classroom. These strategies will be used to reinforce positive behavior and promote an encouraging and inclusive environment for everyone involved. Feel free to explore the different strategies and familiarize yourself with these. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to contact me.

Response Cards

Participation is mandatory in class. In order to help promote participation, students will use response cards in certain parts of lessons. Students will receive a blue card and a red card. When the students are asked a question and told to hold up their response card for which answer they pick, they must respond accordingly. Additionally, these cards will be used to take a quick poll of the class. This helps me, as the teacher, realize if students may be struggling with a particular subject and if they need additional time to understand a concept. This helps to also determine if the whole class needs to spend additional time on the concept or if I need to just focus on a few individuals who I can work with individually to reinforce the learning. I can therefore provide additional individualized attention as needed.

 These cards must not be taken outside of the classroom without the teacher's consent. These cards are a classroom material to be used for various classes.

The Token Exchange System

Students will receive opportunities to collect tokens in class. The tokens will provide the students with an opportunity to earn rewards as an incentive for good behavior. A token will be given to a student if the student demonstrates exceptional behavior performance. A token can be awarded for following class rules, demonstrating leadership qualities, exceptional role in groupwork, etc. At the end of every two weeks, students will receive an opportunity to trade their tokens for a prize. The prizes are according to a tiered system in order to provide students with a proper reinforcement for their exceptional efforts. The students will receive the opportunity to collect and retain their tokens in order to cash them in for a larger prize. The rewards range from candy, items from the treasure chest, and the ultimate prize- a homework pass. The treasure chest will contain various prizes on two different levels. Level 1 prizes in the treasure chest consist of: pencils, pens, stickers, etc. Level 2 prizes in the treasure chest consist of: silly bands, bead necklaces, mini sport balls, etc.

Token Exchange Breakdown

1-3 tokens


4-6 tokens

Level 1 from Treasure Chest

7-9 tokens

Level 2 from Treasure Chest

12 tokens

Homework Pass


Behavior Contracts

Behavior Contracts are used when students demonstrate an exceptional challenge in following class rules and remaining on task during class. If a student exhibits a need for behavioral redirection, then behavior contracts may be implemented in order to provide additional support and structure for the student. The student will sit down with the teacher in order to draft out the contract. The student will receive the opportunity to voice his/her concerns and help the teacher draft the contract. The student will conference with the teacher in order to ensure that both the student and teacher are on the same page. The student will receive the opportunity to choose from a list of incentives in order to help remain focused and goal driven. The contract is then signed and dated by both the teacher and the student to make the agreement official. 

I will then continue to monitor the student and keep data in order to determine the impact of the contract. I will keep a chart which will include detailed descriptions of the occurences in which the student is not acting according to the behavioral standards. If for some reason the contract does not seem to be effective, the teacher and student must once again sit down and revisit the contract. This is very important because if the contract is not effective, it must be revised in order to provide optimum results.

Parents/Guardians: Before a student progresses to the point of needing a behavior contract, a parent/guardian will be informed of the behavioral challenges according to the tiered consequence scale. Therefore, you have the opportunity to voice their concerns as well, and if you choose, you can review the contract with me as well before it is signed and implemented. I will review the occurences charted in my observations of your child so that you can understand exactly what is happening in the classroom. Please contact me to set up an appointment to do so. I can meet with you in person or we can have a conference over the phone, whichever is more convenient for you. Please see the "contact information" page for my contact information.


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