Biology Students

Biology Students 

 The California State Standards for Biology can be viewed at

Click on "Grades 9 thru 12",  set page to 51 and hit "return". It will bring you to the first page of the Standards.



2010-09-13 WELCOME!  Course Description/Expectations, Educatorpages and Mygradebook, Passwords  Question: Where can you find the Standards for Science?

 09-14-2010  Collect Course Description signed, Materials (? due at the latest Monday), Compbook due Friday for setup,  Scientific Method Advertisment Activity in groups of 4.   Question:  When in your lives have you used the scientific method?

09-15-2010  Collect Homework ad, Remember to login to mygradebook, poster presentations  Question: Reflect: how do you go about "proving" things to yourself? 

09-16-2010  PPT on scientific method, materials tomorrow!  Question:  The steps to the scientific method are....

09-17-2010  Materials Check, Notebook setup, (Finish presentations if necessary)  Question: ESLR's stands for....

2010-09-20   Pick up books, materials check, vocabulary page 31 (1.1-1.3) w def, pic, and sentence     Question:  What is the difference between qualitative vs. quantitative?

09-21-2010  1st 30 minutes: work on vocab (rest is homework), Simpsons "Controls and variables" Worksheet in partner pairs.   Quiz friday on ESLR's and scientific method  Question:  How does biology relate to your life?

09-22-2010  Collect Homework, Colorplate: Being Alive w 20 notes,   Question: What does it mean to be alive to you?

09-23-2010  Concept web scientific method, Quiz ESLR's and scientific method on Friday  Question: What does "eslr's" stand for?

09-24-2010-  Quiz #1, Finish Concept web and turn in. Question: What is the difference between observation vs. inference?

09/27-2010  Microscope Indentify, collect colorplates: animal and plant with defs  Question:  What have we studied so far and how does it relate to your life?

09/28/2010  Collect "Being Alive" colorpplae  Question: The part that a slide goes onto on a microscope is them -------   Question:  What I need for my notebook is...

09-27 2010  WS intro microscope  Question:  What have you studied so far and how does it relate to your life?

10/01  Cell colorplate  animal and plant with definitions, assigned study guides and readers  Question: Why are cells important?

10/05  Begin work on cell model, Due thursday friday w quizzes   Question: What organelles do plant cells have that other cells dont?

10/08  Work on cell model, quizzes begin  Question:  Role of the golgi apparatus.

10/12  HW  Study guide 3.2, Interactive reader page 39-42  Have signed and dated  Question: Draw a Picture of the cell membrane

10/13  Redo Quiz #1, cell analogy ppt, w mini poster  Reminder: Homework due thursday/friday  Question:  What role doe the ER play?

10/14  Collect HW  study guide 3.2,  Intro cell membrane  Question:  What does it mean by semi permeable?

10/18  Beaker WS in comp book, Cell membrane colorplate w 15 cnotes, Interactive Reader pages 43-48.  Question: Draw which way water will move. 

10/19   Notebook setup (due thursday/Friday)  Quiz #2 Thurs/Fri, Review Questions on the cell     Question:  Name 2 types of passive transport

10/21 Quiz #2(postponed),  Notebook Check,  Collect Packet #1 (Int Reader pp 39-42, Ch 3 3.3-3.4 Questions, Cell Membrane with 15 cnotes), Cell Pamphlet   Question:  The difference between osmosis and diffusion? 

10/25  Finish Cell pamphlet   Question: Describe a hypotonic solution

10/26 Anemia Reading with questions, Cell Pamphlet due Thursday/Friday Question: Reflect: Skin is semipermeable. Why is that important?

10/28  PPT notes on macromolecules (copy), Cnotes on Section 2.3 pp 44-48 Copy and answer,  Collect pamphlet  Question: What's a protein?

11/01  Concept web on cell membrane,  Cell Theory Current Event   Question:  Name 3 macromolecules