Physiology Students

Physiology Students  vetruvian man physiology


2010-09-13  Welcome! Course Description and Expectations, Passwords, Homework  Question: Where the standards for science found?

09-14-10    Collect parent signature sheets, Materials?, Scientific Method Advertisement  Group Activity (4 persons), Materials and Notebook setup on Friday (Monday for materials latest)   Question:   How does the scientific method help us out in our daily lives?

09-15-10  Collect HW ad, finish posters and present out, Reminder: materials and log in to mygradebook  Question: IF your ipod didnt work, what would you to figure out what was wrong?

09-16-10  Ppt on scientific method, materials due tomorrow!   Question: The steps to the scientic method are....

09-17-10  Materials Check, Notebook setup, (finish presentations if necessary)  Question:  ESLR's stand for?

09-20-2010  Pick up books and assign   Question:  What is the difference between observation and inference?

09-21-2010  Ppt  Chemical Basis of Life  Homework: Vocab Page 51 (def, sentence, picture)   Question: Why is physiology important to learn?

09-23-2010  Concept Web on scientific method, Quiz tommorrow on eslrs, scientific method and chemical basis of the body  Quesiton:  What molecule is the most abundant in the body

09-24- 2010  Quiz #1, Finish concept web, HW finish colorplate  Question:  What does it mean by "negate"?

09-27-2010  Intro to microscope and worksheet  Cnotes on Figures 2.1-2.20   Question:  Organic vs. inorganic, what is the difference?

09-28-2010  Gas Leak

09-30-2010  PPT intro to Anatomy and Physiology, colorplate: tissues  Question:What is physiology?

10-04-2010   Finish cnotes on color tissue, OH Notes on systems   Question: Kingdom:  -->

10-05-2010  Work on systems poster due thursday, oral presentatio Rubric   Question:  Another term for "back"

10-07-2010  Begin poster presentations  Question:  How is the respiratory system similar to the urinary system?

10-11-10  Finish presentations, Begin integumentary system  Question: What is similar in the NS and endocrine system?

10-14  Finish skin color w defs, PPT notes continued on Integumentary system   Question:  THe 3 layers of the skin are?

10-18  Continue and finish Lab Write up on Touch, Chapter 5 Objectives Posters Begin (groups of 3 in a small group presentation)  Question:  Cells that make keratin are called _________

10-19  Notebook Setup Due Thursday  Question:  Acids in the skin are important because.....

10-21  Notebooks due, work on posters and start lab ontouch  Question: part of the brain that controls temperature.

10-25  Finish Lab on Touch, Work on posters,   Question: Every hair has a _______ gland associated with it.

10-26  Begin Integumentary system pamphlet  Question:  What kind of skin receptors are there?

10/28  Lab on Touch due,  Work on pamphlet  Question:  Another term for when skin shivers.

11/01  Finish posters and work on presentations  Question: The dermis contains what kind of cells?