BIO: My Footprint Collage Due 11/26/12

My Footprint Collage



A collage is a collection of images that tells a unified story.  The images are generally taken from magazines and newspapers and glued to a paper and each other.  A good collage leaves very little white-space; that is, most of the paper is covered with words and images.  An example was shown in class on Monday and Tuesday.

An ecological footprint is a calculated measurement of how much an individual’s lifestyle affects the health and resources of the environment.  Various categories are combined to make the whole footprint.  The goods and services part of the footprint, for example, tallies how much stuff we buy and use and incorporates ecological costs of manufacturing, transportation and waste.  The carbon footprint measures how much an individual or entity contributes to net carbon dioxide emissions.  In class on Monday we went to websites that calculated our estimate footprint; everyone in the class led a lifestyle which would require more than one Earth if everyone lived their lifestyle. 

Considering the size of our footprints, it is easy to realize that many issues are associated with a large human population.  Just like deer can out-eat their food sources, leading to starvation and habitat destruction, the over 7 billion people on the planet have direct links to issues of women’s rights, starvation, pollution, species extinction – and the list goes on.  In class we also talked about how the human population has yet to reach the S portion of a population curve.  Do we have a global carrying capacity?  Should we?  What are the consequences of having such a large human population? 


  • A two-sided, footprint-shaped collage according to the guidelines below
  • This sheet, stapled or paper clipped to the collage
  • A separate sheet of paper with two paragraphs describing/explaining the collage (1 para about each side)


  1. Trace your foot or use a footprint-shaped piece of paper.  (Minimum size is your foot, but you may go bigger as long as it is shaped like a foot.)
  2. Gather (lots of) pictures and words from magazines and newspapers (some ok from internet) that meet the required themes.  (If you need help, please revisit some of the sites from my website )
  3. Make sure you have a good number of images!!  10 -15 per side should be the absolute minimum.  
  4. Arrange your pictures in an aesthetic and informative way and glue or tape them to the footprint.  (You may trim the edges to maintain the footprint shape if you like.)
  5. Write a paragraph explaining/describing each side of your collage and explaining your image choices.  (1 paragraph for each side = two paragraphs total).  Write on a separate sheet to turn in.


SIDE 1:  On one side, the theme should be “My Current Footprint and Negative Impacts of a Large Human Population”

SIDE 2:  On the reverse side, the theme should be “How I and others can reduce our ecological footprints”

All images and words should tell the story or provide good information to a viewer of the collage.  The collage should be neat, pleasing to view and, have at least the minimum number of pictures.