Biology CM2 Extra Credit Options

Extra Credit Opportunities for Biology   CM2 2013-2014

DUE DATE: ___Wednesday, November 20, 2013_________

You may do up to two options.  With special advance permission, three may be allowed.  None of these is required; this is extra credit.

Points earned will supplement your second cardmarking grade.  Points will be awarded based on the quality and correctness of the submission, and on following directions.  In other words, you are not guaranteed all of the points – treat this like any other graded assignment and do a good job.

Option 1: 3D Model to Explain Cell Size Limits

Cells can’t get infinitely large.  We know this is because of the rate of diffusion.  For this assignment, create a 3-dimensional  model or model set that explains why cells can’t get infinitely large.  This is a 3D model assignment.  Two dimensional will not meet the requirements.

Option 2:  Endosymbiosis and Evidence Creative Cartoon Strip

Endosymbiosis is the process by which eukaryotic cells came to be.  There are several strong pieces of evidence that have persuaded scientists that mitochondria and chloroplasts are endosymbionts.  For this assignment, create a cartoon strip (like you might see in the newspaper comics section).  In the strip, you must explain endosymbiosis AND the evidence.  The strip must have a minimum of 6 panels (6 different pictures).  The cartoon must have dialogue and characters. The strip must be neat, accurate and include all required information.   BE CREATIVE!

Option 3:  Mitochondrial DNA in the News

Mitochondrial DNA is a fascinating topic, and one which has helped scientists learn a lot about human history.  For this option, find a recent newspaper or magazine article that discusses mitochondrial DNA.  (They can be found online, but they MUST be from a newspaper or magazine and not just a website.)  Read the article and summarize it.  Turn in the article and your summary.  NOTE:  If your article is not a newspaper or magazine article, no credit will be awarded.  If you aren’t sure, ask before the due date.

Option 4:  Informative Poster on Relevant Topic

Posters must be bright, neat, colorful, bold and have CORRECT information free of errors and typos.  They should be poster-board size.

Topics to choose from:

  • How to make jam (or salt pork), why it is a good way to preserve food, and how it relates to osmosis
  • A comparison of the plasma membrane of a bacteria, a human and one other type of cell
  • A typical cell in each of these kingdoms: archaebacteria, eubacteria, protists, fungi, plants, animals
  • How and why cells divide


Option 5:  A mitosis flipbook according to the explicit directions found on this page:


Option 6:  Student-suggested options will be considered.  Must be PRE-APPROVED.