Chemistry - HELP MY GRADE!!! Nov 2012

Time is ticking!  If you don't like your current Chemistry grade, the time is NOW to do something about it.  All opportunities end on November 20!

Here are options for all --  Any student may do any or all of the following:

1)  Take "The Level 4 Challenge" - Come at lunch (or before/after school) to work on extra credit "Level 4" unit factoring problems.  Points can replace a bad quiz or just be extra credit.

2)  Retake your Periodic Trends Quiz.  It won't be the same quiz, but will be similar.  NOTE:  To take the quiz, you must have completed your notes homework and your song/poem/rap assignment. 

3)  To replace your Periodic Trends Quiz score without retaking the quiz: write, memorize and present your Periodic Trends poem/rap/song.  For full points, it must be rap-/song-/or poem-like  - with rhyming or rhythm.  It must also include all the major trends (not just definitions!) and it must be correct.  You must present from memory and have a written copy to turn in.

4)  Retake a unit factoring quiz like the one we took on 11/7/12.  DIfferent questions, same skill.  Didn't get it then but you understand now?  This one's for you.

Since these are EXTRA and INDIVIDUAL assignments and opportunities, they are expected to be completed outside of class hours.  You all have a lunch hour - spend some of it with Chemistry!  If your grade is worth it, you will come.  At the end of the day, we must all live with the result of our efforts!

Deadline for all of the above is 12:40 pm on Tuesday, November 20, 2012.