CHEMISTRY Point Recovery Opportunities CM6

Progress Reports were sent home on Thursday, May 23 to be signed by a parent or guardian.  We are nearing the end of the semester; grades are nearly final.  Below are the opportunities for point recovery.  It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to follow through with any attempt.  There are separate deadlines for each option - PLEASE HEED THE DEADLINES.

In addition, the BALLOON PROJECT will also be on this cardmarking.  Balloons which float for 5 full seconds will earn 65%.  An additional 5% will be added for each paper clip (up to 8) which can be lifted and maintained for 5 seconds.  Balloons lifting more than 8 paper clips or placing in any category in the overall class competition will also receive bonus points.  Participation points will be deducted for absences and students may or may not earn full points if they did not participate fully.


Item available for point recovery

Recovery Option


5/9/2013 Tests/Quizzes

Team Whiteboard Assessment; 35 points


Complete make up assignment: video/online photo blog or cartoon of copper’s journey.  **See Ms. LaSovage for details and click here

Must be submitted by Thursday, May 30 by the end of the day  (*unless an alternate date is mutually agreed on by teacher and student)

5/10/2013 Tests/Quizzes Individual Lab Assessment;

15 points

Take quiz at lunch or other arranged time.

Must be taken by Friday, May 31 by 2nd lunch

5/10/2013 Labs/Projects

Team Worksheet; 15 points

May retake unit factoring portion as individual assignment or with members of team.  Must work problems in presence of teacher (cannot take worksheet home).

Must be completed by Monday, June 3 by 2nd lunch.  (Does not have to be done in one sitting)

5/17/2013 Tests/Quizzes

Small Gas Law Quiz; 10 points

Take quiz at lunch or other arranged time; bring calculator.

Must be taken by Thursday, May 30 by 2nd lunch

5/10/2013 Labs/Projects

Team Card Data minus Adjustments; 24 points

TBD on case-by-case basis, dependent on reasons for point loss

TBD on case-by-case basis

Other assignments?

TBD on case-by-case basis, dependent on reasons for point loss; Please note: most assignments are NOT eligible for recovery

TBD on case-by-case basis