Chemistry Topic List for January Final

This one's for De'Von

Big Themes of Chemistry

* A graph tells a story *

* There’s no lying in chemistry *

* Everyone wants to be like a noble gas *

* The periodic table is organized by many properties *

* Matter cannot be created or destroyed *

…Do you have another one to add to this list?


The Chemistry Lab/Measurement/Skills

  1. Safety in the Lab
  2. Equipment – Identification and Use
  3. How to read Graduated cylinder
  4. Metric System
  5. Significant figures and accuracy; percent error
  6. Graphing

Classifying Matter

  1. Atoms, molecules, compounds, diatomics, elements, mixtures, pure substances

Periodic table

  1. Metals/nonmetals/Metalloids
  2. Trends in the periodic table
  3. Noble gases, diatomics, transition metals, ions, etc..
  4. Reactivity

Atomic Structure, Stability

  1. Parts of an atom
  2. Charge
  3. Mass
  4. Ions
  5. Bohr models, electron dots
  6. Valence electrons, stability

Chemical Reactions

  1. Naming binary ionic compounds
  2. Polyatomic ions, variable ions, known ions
  3. Writing chemical equations with words and symbols
  4. Equation types
  5. Predicting products
  6. Solubility
  7. Balancing equations
  8. Law of Conservation of Matter
  9. Unit factoring
  10. Stoichiometry (unit factoring that uses molar mass and mole ratios)


This list incorporates most of the major topics from Semester 1.  However, it is just a list; more details are required for good studying.  Some items not listed may be considered subcategories of others.  Students should know all relevant vocabulary, have skills, and be able to solve multi-step problems.