Conservation E.C. - Due Monday April 14

(All students may do any of the options regardless of which poster group you are in.)

Conservation Extra Credit:  Civic Action

  1. Find out about a local issue, state or federal issue OR a bill that is currently being discussed in Congress.
  1. Identify the appropriate legislator that would be connected to the issue or bill.
  1. Find the contact information for the legislator.
  1. Write a 1-page letter that does one of the following:  requests information about a specific bill or issue, requests the legislator to take action on a certain issue or bill, or commends/expresses dissatisfaction with a recent decision by the legislator or his/her overall record.
  1. Send me a digital copy of the letter, and have a printed out copy as well. 

Note:  Do not send the letter to your legislator yet. (I would like to talk with you about it before that happens.)

Conservation Extra Credit:  Individual Action

  1. Research ways to save energy or lower your energy bill using the DTE Energy site
  2. Share the information with your parents.
  3. Choose at least one specific strategy you and your parent(s) will implement.  You may NOT include something you already do, such as turning off the lights/unplugging appliances.  Adding insulation or getting a programmable thermostat or getting a home energy evalation are good examples of options.  (Check out the site - there are a lot of options) 
  4. Write out the plan and get a parent signature that states the plan will be implemented in your home.

Conservation Extra Credit:  Group Action

  1. Find a local activity that is happening nearby in the next two months that is sponsored by a pro-lowering-the-energy-footprint group like we have discussed in class. 
  2. Find out how to get involved (dates, times, what you would do)


  1. Find a local or regional petition relating to a lowering-the-energy-footprint issue that is being circulated right now.
  2. Get a copy/transcript of the petition.
  3. Write a paragraph describing why you would or would not sign the petition (you can't sign until you are 18!)

Have a safe break!

See you on April 14!