CURRENT TOPIC: Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis Links and Helpful Sites


Videos   *=shown in class

*Chloroplasts (2:09 minutes)

*Pearson Photosynthesis (3:39 minutes)

*Bozeman Science Photosynthesis (12:26 minutes)

Photosynthesis: Light reaction, Calvin cycle, Electron Transport  (7:27 minutes)

Khan Academy Photosynthesis (13:38 minutes; additional videos with more detail)

TED Ed Photosynthesis

Mitochondria and Chloroplasts (24:34 minutes, AP level)

Student-made video about photosynthesis; includes some history


For help with the Optional Video Assignment

*A Private Universe Photosynthesis (full video; 56:36 min) [SECTION WITH INTERVIEWS IS from 3:08 – 6:05]

Where Do Trees Get Their Mass From? By Veritasium (4:09 minutes)  Includes lots of interviews with “regular people” demonstrating lack of true understanding.



Waterweed Lab Link (will be used in class first week of January)

From Thin Air  A comic book-style discussion of where the mass of a tree comes from

Thin Air Summary

Interactive Photosynthesis Walk-through (See left panel for options. Requires shockwave.)

Chloroplast Labeling (requires Shockwave to run)

Informational text about chloroplasts with optional live chat with online tutor



A Private Universe (Overview of Program)

Death of Antoine Lavoisier

Photosynthesis Timeline (Historical summary by a professor of biology; includes some scientists we have talked about in class as well as other scientists – could be useful for the E.C. on 12/18/14)


Extra Credit Opportunities  DUE Monday, January 5, 2015

Make your own "Private Universe" Video

Chloroplast Model