BIO LOOK HERE: DNA Replication OnLine Assignment

Modeling DNA Processes OnLine   Assigned 2/10/16; Due by 2/12/16 at the beginning of class.


1.      Click on the blue words DNA Replication on the left; do NOT click on protein synthesis now!

2.      Step one is: ____________. Click on the term.

3.      READ. Follow directions. Continue.  READ THE BOXES WHEN THEY POP UP!

4.      How many complete strands will you have at the end of DNA replication?  _____

(Don’t forget to plug nucleotides in to the second side!)

5.      When you are done, the screen will say “You are finished.”

6.      Look at the cartoon of the cell in the lower right.  Where did the DNA replication happen?  (Hint:  It says “you are here” in the cartoon!)  _______________


1.      Build DNA by dragging nucleotides.  Continue until a box pops up.  Read the box.

2.      How long would it take you do finish at this rate?  _____________________

3.      Continue adding bases for another minute or two.  Did you ever make a mistake? _____

4.      Notice that the As and Ts have two circles, while the Cs and Gs have three.  Why?  (Hint: the answer was on the back of one of our previous worksheets.) __________________________________

5.      How long does it take a cell to copy DNA in one cell?  _____________________

6.      What is the rate?:  ______ nucleotides per second.

7.      If you didn’t answer #4, scroll down some more and find the answer (or, if you have the answer, put a check on the line to the right)  ____________________________________________________

8.      When you have this done, scroll down and read. CLICK ON EVERYTHING IN BLUE.

9.      How big is DNA…?

10.  Watch at least one of the videos and provide evidence to prove you did.  (I recommend the watching advanced one – it is actually easier to understand!)


1.      Read through the site to find the correct answer to this: 

WHEN exactly does DNA Replication happen?  ____________________________________


1.      Watch the video.  Take the quiz.  Email me your score.  (



Play the games.  Take a screen shot or use some other method to prove it and show me your score!  __________ ____