Energy Source Opposing Viewpoint Links

A short list...


Bat Fatalities at Wind Turbines:  Investigating the Causes and Consequences

Wind Turbines Kill More Than 600,000 Bats A Year. What Should We Do?

Bats, Not Easy to Love, Dying Daily by Thousands   or

American Bird Conservancy’s Policy Statement on Wind Energy and Bird-Smart Wind Guidelines

Homeowner says Green Mountain wind turbines noisy, caused damages

LIFE IN A WIND FARM Letters and emails from people who contacted us that currently live in a wind farm

Residents file wind farm complaints

Blown Away Big Wind’s Inconvenient Truth

Clean energy myths in Ontario

The Value of the View  Do YOU Like the Look of Wind Turbines?

Maryland's Public Forests: No Place for Wind Turbines

Koch-owned tar sands waste piles up in Chicago after Detroit cloud

Growing mounds of petroleum coke raise fears along Detroit River

Kochs must move their massive piles of tar-sands waste, Detroit mayor says

Keystone XL pipeline

Take action to stop the tar sands pipeline!


These sites have NOT been reviewed for bias - but YOU can review them!  But also consider this - when some people make decisions, they DO use bias.  This is especially true with energy choices.  What would environmentally literate people do about that?