Final Chance U.F. Project!

Per student request, I am offering an end of cardmarking extra credit projectMy purpose for this project is to allow students who have not mastered unit factoring (stoichiometry, Level 4 Problems...) to demonstrate that they understand.  (Your purpose for this project may be to improve your grade.)  Please note - turning something in does not guarantee pointsYour project must demonstrate clearly to me that you have learned, grown in your skills, and understand the content.  Your project must be original and creative as well. 

Here is what all students need to demonstrate proficiency in:

How to do U.F. in general/Basic skills

  • Finding and writing the correct Start/End
  • Using Conversions/Canceling
  • Calculating (Multiply/Divide)

How to get/use conversions from these chemistry sources:

  • Molar mass (requires periodic table)
  • Mole ratio (requires a balanced equation)
  • Molarity (as we have done this week)

All students must be able to solve a Level 4 problem.

Note: I may give students who do the extra credit a problem to solve when they turn in their project.  If they can solve it (they may use their project if they wish), then they have mastered the skill.

What counts as a "project?"

A project must show original work or research and have a personal expression of learning.

Projects should not rely on soley "traditional" formats.

Projects should be interesting to grade and should really demonstrate that the learner understands the material.  (Information on projects should be correct, too!)  This is an opportunity to show you LEARNED it, so you have to LEARN it!!!

Examples of projects might be A poster, a 3-D model, a video, a "How-To" pamphlet, a children's book, a powerpoint... I am open to suggestions, but if it is something unusual, you should see me for pre-approval

I expect that most projects will include one or more unit factoring equations and how to solve them step by step.  You may use a problem we have done in class as long as you make it your own; do not just copy or repeat what I have demonstrated.  Be sure that you cover all the required content (molar mass, mole ratio, molarity).    

What won't be accepted?

Do not turn in a unit factoring problem you worked on a sheet of paper.  It is very difficult to verify authenticity, and it does not use a different learning modality than our practice problems and quizzes.

Do not turn in the same (or very, very similar) project as any other student.

Do not turn in anything plagiarized from any source.


Sample Unit Factoring Problems (Sources)

  • Old quizzes, worksheets, notes, papers
  • Online
  • Other links on this (my) website