IMF, Boiling Points and MORE!

Here are some videos about intermolecular forces:

Khan Academy Intermolecular forces CAUTION!!! There is an error: hydrogen fluoride is HF NOT HFL!!!  Also, the F is the negative side and the H is the positive side.

Mr. Bell's page

University of Texas, Austin:


Here is some information about boiling at pressures that are not 1 atm:


The phase diagram we looked at on the board

APPLICATION:  Why do recipes have "high altitude directions" for cooking?


More about high altitude cooking

Here is some information about freezing point depression and boiling point elevation:

Think of it this way: if there are only Lathrup students leaving the school, then the percent of Lathrup students in the yard will be higher than if there are Lathrup and Southfield High students leaving the school...(no, really, think about it...)  If there are only molecules of substance X in a solution, they will have more space to leave and escape the intermolecular forces.  Any additional solvent will take up an "exit" that X might have been able to use.