Krill Reading from 9/19/13

Today's Reading ("Krill: the food that keeps Antarctica alive is under threat") was from this website:

Don't forget to answer all ten questions!  If you answer on a separate sheet, use complete sentences so I know what the question and answer are.

If you lost your question sheet, here are the ten questions:

  1. Name some of the species that feed on krill:
  2. One metric ton is a little over 2200 pounds.  How many pounds of krill is equal to 45,000 metric tons (tonnes)?
  3. What are two reasons humans are fishing for krill?
  4. What would happen if krill became scarce? 
  5. Scientists have studied krill a lot.  Do we know everything about krill?
  6. Look up the word “keystone” in the dictionary.
  7. Why is krill called a “keystone species”?
  8. Lack of sea ice might cause what to happen to krill?
  9. The behaviour of krill transports carbon dioxide deep into the ocean.  What human-caused problem does this help out with?
  10. What is one more thing you want to know or one more thing you learned?

Krill Pic: