Learning Styles and E.C.

In class we have talked about the complexity of the brain.  On this tab are several surveys of potential "learning styles" and suggestions of how to maximize your own brain's potential to learn.

For example, this site  http://homeworktips.about.com/od/homeworkhelp/a/learningstyle.htm has information, a learning style quiz, and lots of study tips.  Click around; you will find something that is helpful.

There are many sites that provide good resources - and there is more to understanding your learning style than just visual, auditory and tactile!  (But one thing at a time...!)  Below are a few other surveys and resources.

At the bottom of this page is an opportunity for extra credit.  Read the requirements carefully.


1)  http://www.educationplanner.org/students/self-assessments/learning-styles.shtml

2)  http://sunburst.usd.edu/~bwjames/tut/learning-style/

3)  http://www.howtolearn.com/learning-styles-quiz/

4)  http://www.learning-styles-online.com/inventory/   (http://www.learning-styles-online.com/inventory/questions.php?cookieset=y)

5)  http://www.edutopia.org/multiple-intelligences-learning-styles-quiz

6)  http://www4.ncsu.edu/unity/lockers/users/f/felder/public/ILSdir/styles.htm

7)  http://capone.mtsu.edu/studskl/hd/learn.html


EXTRA CREDIT DUE Tuesday, 9/16/14


  • Find out more about your learning style(s) and how to study in your style(s).
  • After taking at least two surveys, think about the following questions: Are your results ("learning style") the same from different tests? Are they surprising?  Do the survey results seem like a good description of you or not like you? ...


  • Evidence of your results from at least 2 surveys (printed copy, digital, screen shot or some other format)
  • A high quality chart OR a half page comparing, contrasting and reflecting on your results. (See guide questions above.)
  • At least two specific strategies that someone with your test results should try to use when studying.


EXTRA BONUS:   Find a another (free) online learning style survey that would be good for people your age and submit the URL!