Level 4 Unit Factoring Problem from 12/14

Here is the Unit Factoring problem for this week:

"Six moles of silver nitrate are added to an amount of zinc chloride and a precipitate forms. Assuming all silver nitrate reacts, how many grams of solid product will you have?"

The problem itself only has two conversions, but in order to solve this problem, you will have to do these steps!

STEP 1: Figure out the chemical equationThis means write it out in formula form (balanced formulas - know the ionic charges!).  You will also need to determine which is the precipitate (use your solubility table).

STEP 2: BALANCE the chemical equation.  This is like what we did in class today.  It is an easy equation to balance.  Make sure the atoms going in (making up the reactancts) are the same kind and number as the atoms coming out (making up the products).

STEP 3: Set up the Unit Factoring Problem.  Find your start and your end!  Plug in the first conversion using molar ratios (aka coefficients).

STEP 4: Calculate the molar mass of AgCl.  Hint: If you know the mass of one mole of Ag and you know the mass of one mole of Cl, finding the mass of one mole of AgCl should be easy!

STEP 5: Complete the U.F. problem! Make sure things cancel, make sure conversions are correct, then multiply by the top and divide by the bottom.  Include the correct units in your answer.

Yay!  A true level 4 problem is complete!

See you Monday with the right answer and all the work behind it!