Team Whiteboard Alternate Assignment

Alternate Assignment for Copper Lab Team Whiteboard Assessment

To earn all points for this, you must demonstrate mastery of the same content that was assessed on the in-class activity.  Essentially: What did we do in the lab (each day), what chemistry happened, why did it happen, and what was learned.

You may choose either Path 1 or Path 2 to do this.  Read all the way down to make sure you know all requirements.

Path 1:  Travel Blog/Photo diary

Create a “travel blog” or diary of a group of copper atoms that “traveled” through the experiences in this lab.  Hint: Not all copper atoms had the same experience.  This can be metaphorical, but must be chemically accurate.  (E.g. atoms don’t really “steal each other’s dates” but is a good model for displacement reactions.  Take the point of view of a Cu.)  Use the photos you took during lab! Write from the COPPER ATOMS’ PERSPECTIVE.

Path 2:  Comic Book

Create a comic book (or extensive comic strip) detailing the adventures of the copper atoms in this lab, or from the perspective of the experimenter.  It must be interesting, have at least some color, and be accurate, even though creative.

Whichever path you choose, you MUST
  • Include photos or good quality drawings, in color
  • Describe the appearance reactants and products
  • Use vocabulary for new procedures, materials, equipment
  • Refer to all chemical reactions
  • State the reaction type of each chemical reaction
  • Include information about the chemistry rationale behind procedures
  • Address the Law of Conservation

Recommendation: Divide the project into three parts to represent the three days of the lab.  Work from the procedure and observations to make sure you cover everything that happened.  You may wish to write out the five chemical reactions as a basis for your “plot” or “travel locations.”  What did the copper experience?  Who did it share that experience with?  Who got left behind?