Ms. Lemming's Little Learners

 This site is for parents and students to help keep up with what is going on this year in our classroom.  
This site is NOT the power school initiative site that each of you received passwords to view.  
Grades and other sensitive subject matter will be available ONLY on your private power school page.  
Please remember that I DO NOT have your passwords for that site.
First day of school this year is Monday, August  23, 2010
 This is a full attendance day. 
If you weren't able to attend our open house on August 16, please bring your labeled school supplies in on the first day.  If you ride the bus and you have too much to carry the first day, please have all supplies here by Wednesday, August 25.
 In addition to the supplies previously requested, I am asking that each student bring in some modeling clay.  Playing with clay is a good for building fine motor skills still developing in children this age