Ms. Lemming's Little Learners

Dear Parent,

Another exciting year of second grade has begun.  Here are some things you'll need to know about our classroom. 

Each child has been given a planner.  These should keep you informed about what is going on in school.  Check it every night to see if your child has homework or if anything important is coming up.  After your child has completed his/her homework, please sign your initials by the assignment for that day and send it back to school.  I will check the planners every day for your initials and any messages from you concerning your child's schoolwork or an upcoming absence.  This is a great source of communication between school and home.

We stay busy throughout the day and it is likely that your student will get hungry.  Please send a snack to school each day.  Fruits, vegetables, crackers, and cereal are great.  

We are once again collecting Boxtops for Education which are found on General Mills cereal boxes, fruit snacks, yogurt, cake mixes, and many other products.  For each boxtop you send to school, we get $.10 to spend for our classroom.

If you have any questions or concerns,  call, come in, or send me an email or a note. 


Ms. Lemming