Resources For Families

Families, I know that so much of the success of Cornerstone scholars is due to the incredible amount of support that they receive at home! Many families have asked me how they can continue to support and push their students at home, and also they have asked what they should be focusing on. Using your Trimester 1 report card as a guide, target the skills that your student needs the most practice with. On this parents page, you will find explanations of each skill as well as ways that you can help your scholars practice. On the students' page, you will find kid-friendly online games that practice each skill.

Together, I know that we will put our scholars on the path towards college!


School-Home Links Reading Kits has an incredible online resource: the School-Home Links Reading Kit, for grades K-3. On these pages, you will find activities that target the CA standards for each grade level, all in one place! I HIGHLY recommend checking out this resource!

School-Home Links Reading Kit: Kindergarten

School-Home Links Reading Kit: Kindergarten (Spanish)

School-Home Links Reading Kit: 1st Grade

School-Home Links Reading Kit: 1st Grade (Spanish)

Letters and Letter Sounds

Our first ELA big goal of the year is for ALL scholars to be able to identify all uppercase and lowercase letters and the sounds that each letter makes - by December 1st! The following resources are great for practicing letter recognition and producing letter sounds.

Starfall - ABCs

Starfall - The Starfall ABC song - song with letters, letter sounds, and words that start with that sound

Phonological Awareness

Phonological Awareness (PA) is an individual's ability to hear the sounds of a spoken word. PA is a critical step towards learning how to read, and we spend a large amount of Kindergarten mastering these skills!

**What is Phonemic Awareness? - a quick, parent-friendly explanation of PA and the different parts that make it

Phonological Awareness for Parents - a free online course teaching parents what Phonological Awareness (PA) is, why it is important, and how you can help your students practice it

School-Home Literacy Connections - a great resource with many easy rhyming, blending, and segmenting activities that you can do with your child

**Phonemic Awareness Activities for Kindergarteners - this page will walk you through many of the PA activities that we do in class and that you can easily replicate at home

Blending and Segmenting Sounds

Blending Explained

Blending and Segmenting Games

Rhyming Words


Beginning Sounds

Learning Beginning Sounds

Letters and Sounds: Practical Ideas for Parents

Ending Sounds


Counting Syllables



Sight Words

Starfall - Matching Sight Words



Starfall Site Map - Find a Starfall activity for the skill that you are targetting

PBS - Between the Lions: For Families - Between the Lions is an incredible resource for both families (tons of information and videos) and scholars (great games to practice PA skills!)