The Common Core and your child

 Dear Parents, 

As a teacher, I know that all of the changes in our children's education can sometimes be challenging. It is for this reason that I want to try my best to help not only your child but all three of us along the way. 

Why is the common core important?

"The standards were drafted by experts and teachers from across the country and are   designed to ensure students are prepared for today’s entry-level careers, freshman-        level  college courses, and workforce training programs. The Common Core focuses on  developing the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills students will need to  be successful. Forty-two states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the  Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) have voluntarily adopted and are  moving forward with the standards." ("What Parents Should Know | Common Core State Standards Initiative")

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How can we break down the common core to help your child succeed? 

The common core is broken down into specific elements that your child needs to learn, master and then collectively bring together to the next part of their academic work. 

Although it will be broken in different sections throughout the year the best way for us to take on the common core is piece by piece. This means that introducing your child little by little to all of the concepts  the will know by the end of the year will really help them succeed when it comes time to go in depth on the subject. 

For example; This year your child will be learning how to measure using a ruler, tell time and counting money. Although these are just a few of the many introducing these at home from the beginning of the school year will be extremely helpful! 

1. Write the number that comes next. a. 56, 57, _______ b. 45, 46, _______ c. 19, 20, _______ d. 98, 99, _______

 2. Write the number of cubes shown as an addition problem.  __________ +__________ =

3. How much is each coin worth?

4. Add. a. 4 + 5 = _________ b. 6 + 3 = _________ c. 2 + 9 = _________ d. 5 + 3 = _________

5. Write the number. a. nine _______ b. twelve _______

6. Circle the number that is greater. a. 56 or 98         b. 90 or 80              c. 25 or 52