Grading and Classroom Expectations

Grading System


Homework and In-Class Work:

Check means handed in on time

Check minus means handed in late 

(a record will be kept for those not handed in at all)


Reports Cards (based on Trimesters)

4- Exceeds Standards

3- Excellence at Standards level

2- Progressing towards Standards

1- Below Standards


Classroom Expectations

Be Respectful

  • To Staff
  • To Students
  • To our Classroom and supplies


Be Kind and Helpful

  • To yourself
  • To your peers
  • To the staff


Be Safe

  • In our Classroom
  • In the Hallways
  • In the Cafeteria and Buses


Be Positive

Remember the phrase if you don’t think you know an answer:

I don’t know the answer, yet!