Parent Corner

Parent Corner

Kindergarten is a time to grow and learn new things. Below are a few items to ponder to help make yours and your child's transition to Kindergarten successful.


Supply List:

*2 boxes of regular-sized crayons (8 colors)  *1 package of pencil erasers
 *1 bottle of white glue  *1 package of washable colored markers
 *8 glue sticks  *2 boxes of tissues
 *2 plastic folders with pockets at the bottom  *1-70 page spiral composition book (wide rule)
 *1 pair of scissors for 4-6 yr. old  *20 wooden pencils
 *Zipped baggies (pint, quart, or gallon)  *2 reams of copy paper
 *2 bottles of hand sanitizer  *1 container of baby wipes
 *1 bottle of antibacterial soap  *1 clear or mesh bookbag


Class Rules and Consquences:

To maintain the ultimate learning environment, rules and consequences are used. Although your child will help add rules he/she finds important at the beginning of the year, below are the rules to create and maintain a harmonious classroom.

Rules to a happy classroom:

 1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself  6. Be kind to others
 2. Follow directions given by adults  7. Raise your hand
 3. Talk in a soft voice  8. Pay attention to teacher
 4. Walk in line  9. Complete your work
 5. Put things away  10. Use table manners in lunchroom


Consequences to help maintain a happy classroom:

*Each student begins each day with an envelope with the following colored cards: green, red, yellow, and blue.

*Students who remain on the green card earn (play) money that can either be saved or cashed in each Friday in our class store (See below for details on our classroom economy-New!).

1. First time: Warning-Student will be reminded about the rules and redirected.

2. Second time: Student pulls his/her green card (Now on red) and loses 5 minutes of his/her free time (recess, icecream priviledges, and/or free workstations).

3. Third time: Student pulls his/her red card (Now on yellow) and loses 10 minutes of his/her free time (listed above).

4. Fourth time: Student pulls his/her yellow card (Now on blue) and loses all of his/her free time (listed above) and parent may be called at this point.

*Your child's behavior is recorded in a Behavior Log each day. The Behavior Log is sent home to let you know what kind of day your child had. To help ensure the line of communication between home and school remain open, you will be asked to view the log, sign it, and return it to school the next day (Please see the section below on Parent/Teacher Communication for further details).

Positive reinforcement

"A happy teacher = a happy classroom!" To help promote a positive environment, below are just a few of the class wide rewards that can be earned throughout the day:

1. "Classroom Economy": Students can earn money for positive behavior & responsibility that can be cashed in on Friday during the class auction. Also, the earned money can be saved for larger items.

2. Student of the Month: Students that display exemplar behavior, work habits, and responsibility earn this priviledge of a school wide recognition.

Other positive reinforcement used in class:

1. "Kiss your brain":

Verbal praise and jesture of success


 2. Success chain:

Whole group reward system. When the success chain touches the floor, the

class earns a popcorn/movie day

3. Sweet treat:

This is our "right now" reward-student earns a small piece of fruit or an alternative healthy snac

4. Earned celebrations: On special holidays/occasions the students will have the opportunity to have their names placed on the party list displayed on the marker board based on positive displayed behavior.


Parent/Teacher Communication

1. Behavior Log: A log of your child's behavior each day-You will sign it and return it to

school each day

 4. Letters Home:

I will occasionally send letters home letting you know about your

student's progress.

 2. Homework Folder: Standard based

homework that the student will complete

weekly (Begins mid-August)

5. Class Website: The best way to stay

connected to our class, and it is

updated weekly!

 3. Email & Phone: (Best way) or call the school


6. Parent/Teacher Conference:You or

I can schedule to meet to discuss your child's progress