K-242 at Work

Identifying coins at the Math center                                                           

 counting coins                      

 Learning about spatial relationships with puzzles


making a paper fanoos                                look at my fanoos

Some of our students are Muslim, so during Ramadan we learned about this holiday and made paper fanooses.

A fanoos is a lantern that children used in Egypt a long time ago to welcome the new lunar year.

columbus ships                the 3 ships

We learned about Columbus and his accidental trip                  

to America and his three ships the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. We learned to  

compare sizes and identify trapezoids and  rectangles.   

We also talked about

texture--can you tell the hull is made out of wood 

Leaf Study

In September/October, we studied the changes of fall in our environment. We went on a nature walk and collected leaves from Central Park. We sorted, classified, and identified leaves. Then, we listened to a story called Leaf Man. This inspired us to make leaf animals of our own by looking at the characteristics of the leaves and thinking about what shapes and sizes we could use to make animals of our choosing. This is what we came up with:

leaf animals   inchworm

caterpillar   butterfly

butterfly2   dog

fish   mouse


survey   leaves

leaves   leaves2

Making Patterns

Using dyed noodles, students created color patterns to design their own necklaces.

patterns 1   patterns 2

patterns 3   patterns 4

patterns 5

Right before Christmas, students had a preview of our upcoming literacy unit : how to/functional writing.

We had a hands on experience of creating and following directions...how to make an edible Christmas tree.

I couldn't tell which was more fun, making it or eating it! Laughing

tree 1   tree 2

tree 3   tree 4

tree 5   tree6

tree7   tree8