100th Day of School


To celebrate the 100th day of school, students brought in collections of 100 items. We created a gallery in one section of the room to showcase student projects. Among the collections were 100 race cars, 100 magazine cut outs, 100 hearts and stars, 100 toothpicks grouped by 5, a zoo made up of cages of 100 craft sticks, 100  beans grouped by 10s, 100 pennies, 100 beans designing a name and a heart, and a house designed by 100 beads. The gallery was a success!! Everyone who visited the room gave compliments! Thanks to all who participated.


shaliyah          mariama          khanso

Continuing our celebration, students made necklaces made up of 100 Fruit Loops. To make the activity all the more interesting, I set the timer to 25 minutes and challenged students to make their necklaces in that time frame. Shaliyah, Mariama, Khanso, Luis, and Jose were able to do it. Extra time was granted for other students who were eagerly working to finish making their necklaces.

prep1   prep2

These are a couple of pictures showing the process of making the necklaces. Chanai is pictured making a pattern of pink and purple to match her outfit. Dwight appears beside her making a pattern of green and yellow.