Trip to the Fire Station

Our Trip to the Fire Station

Upon completing a study on community workers, we decided to visit one of our very favorite community workers--our city's bravest--the firefighters! We had the best time ever with the "pride of Morningside"!

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Firefighter Jeff was super nice to us. He let all of us sit inside their fire truck....

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and try on their helmets!

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We were even allowed to try on their face piece. We learned that the face piece is connected to an oxygen tank, which firefighters use to be able to breathe when there's smoke.

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We didn't realize just how heavy their gear is until they let us try them on for ourselves. They gave us an impromptu demonstration of what they do when the alarm goes off. They slide down the pole and get dressed in 30 seconds!

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                                                                                                                                                                      Group picture with firefighter Warren