For daily homework, please refer to the homework sheet. Starting Monday, September 10th, students will receive a homework sheet that will provide the assignments for the week. If your child is absent, s/he won't miss out on the assignment because the homework sheet will list the tasks for each day. However, if your child is absent on a Monday (when the weekly sheet is distributed) or for an extensive amount of time, then you can refer to the skills of the month that are posted on this site and just have your child practice them. If your child is absent because of an illness, I am more interested in his/her well being and I will excuse missing homework. However, patterns of missing homework will prompt me to initiate a conversation with you about what's going on. Homework is to be completed in a marble notebook unless a worksheet is provided. Any worksheets or letters must be kept in a homework folder. If your child's homework folder or notebook starts to tear or break apart, please replace it. It teaches them to value their work and care about presentation and orderliness.