Ms. McClendon's Classes

I teach three classes and help out with two classes.  I teach 7th grade Reading/English and I also teach 8th grade Reading.  CCA has changed curriculums this year to Bob Jones and I truly enjoy this curriculum.  The students will learn literary devices and how to use them as well as reading great stories and poems.  For English, we will learn all the parts of speech and there will writing exercises incorporated. There will be quizzes and test for each chapter.   Each Reading class will complete journal entries at the start of each class.  These entries will be graded upon completion.  Each entry must contain 5 sentences.  These are easy grades.  Each story or poem has a corresponding quiz.  These quizzes are taken upon completion of reading.  These also are easy grades because the knowledge of the story or poem is fresh on the mind.  Five quizzes are averaged together for equal one grade.  There will be two quiz grades per unit.