Classroom Information

Ms. McKellar-Jones' Classroom Rules, Expectations, Consequences, and Policies

Classroom Rules:

1. Water is allowed in the classroom. Any other snacks or beverages are permitted at the discretion of the teacher.

2. Arrive to class on time and be ready to learn.

3. Remain seated until I dismiss you.

4. Turn in assignments that are completed and done to the best of your ability.

5. Keep all personal electronics turned off and out of sight unless instructed otherwise.

Classroom Expectations:

1. Be on time, on task, and prepared to learn.

2. Respect the teacher, the classroom, other students, and yourself.

3. Take responsibility for your own learning.

4. Keep the classroom clean of paper scraps, food wrappers, and other garbage.

5. Keep all personal electronics out of sight unless instructed otherwise.

6. Always try your best!

7. Follow directions.


1st offense: Verbal warning

2nd offense: Call home

3rd offense: Referral to the office

4th offense: Detention

***Serious offenses can result in severe consequences regardless of previous offenses. Repetitive disregard of the classroom rules, expectations, and procedures may affect your participation grade. The teacher is also warranted to take further action as deemed necessary.***

Late to Class:

Students who are late to class are required to have a pass. Passes should be handed to the teacher as they walk into the classroom. The teacher reserves the right to verify the student's location prior to entering the classroom. Students who do not arrive with a pass will have to fill out a tardy slip and return it to the teacher. After three tardies, the teacher will call home. Any tardies after that will result in a referral to the office.

Participation Requirements:

Participation is more than raising your hand and contributing to class discussions; it also includes having short discussions with your classmates or in small groups. Students will also be required to participate in any work or activities that occur in the guided practice portion of each class period. Failure to participate in class activities could result in losing points from your participation grade.

Preparation Requirements:

Students are expected to come to class every day with their readings and chapter questions completed. Students should also come to class with any questions that they may have had from the previous night’s assignment.

Homework Policy:

Homework is due at the beginning of the class period. All work should be placed in the bin labeled with your class period. Any work handed in after that is considered late. Extensions are given on a case-by-case basis and at the teacher’s discretion. All absent/late work should be placed in the “Absent/Late Work” bin. If work is submitted after the due date, the student will be required to have a conversation about the late submission before credit will be given.

Grading Policy:


Projects/In-Class Assignments…………60%



Projects/In-Class Assignments: 60%

  • Bell ringers
  • Exit slips
  • Independent practice activity
  • Group work
  • Guided practice
  • Tests/quizzes
  • Class discussions
  • Presentations

Homework: 20%

  • Essays (3):
    • Rhetorical
    • Thematic
    • Research
  • Chapter questions for each text (4)
  • Nightly reading

Participation: 20%

  • Preparation for class
  • Work habits
  • Attendance/tardiness
  • Participation in class/group discussions
  • Respecting peers, teacher, classroom environment, materials, and self