Reading engaging passages and digging into them with the help of high-quality question sets can ensure that your children aren't missing out on meaningful reading if they're not in school. 

Children can dig into the passage by reading and answering text-dependent questions.
 Talk about the reading passage and the questions together. (Note: research shows this is the most critical step for improving reading comprehension!) 

Students will read about the power of wind in various contexts- as an energy source, as a potientially distruptive weather event, and as an important part of the setting in fictional texts. I have assigned various reading passages for scholars to read and answer the questions. I have made the audio of the passages available for scholars that might need additional assistance. If your scholar is reading on grade level, please allow the scholar to read the text independently. The student login information is provided below. 



How to get students to their assignments

1. Have students go to

2. Students enter class code WNDCZ5

3. Click on your name

4. Your password is 1234