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We put together a website so you could keep all our links in one place!  We miss you terribly and can't wait to see your smiley,bright facesheart


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Transistion to Learning

clean up song

listening song


Circle time Chats

Ms Mo's Good Morning Greeting

Bean Plants Growing with Ms Sarah


Circle time videos-plants

A Seed to a Flower

Needs of a Plant

Bean Time Lapse Video

Peep Plants a Seed


Circle time Social Emotional


Movement and Music

What I Am- Song

Dr Jean Avacado Song

Story Time with Ms Mo

Good Morning Greeting and Sheep in a Jeep

To Market to Market

The Rainbow Fish


Story Time 


Games and Videos for PreReading Skills

Reggae Letter Song

Animal Sounds

Guess the Sound


Quiet Time

Safe and Calm meditation

Mindful Meditation for Rest Time

Stories for Quiet Time


Music from Ms Tazari




Have Fun!
Ms Mo & Ms Sarah heart