Policies and Procedures

Ms. Elizabeth Morales

English 9-12

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Class Policies

English 9-12th Grade


Class Expectations:

  • You will be on time to class everyday.
  • You will follow the classroom/school rules at all times.
  • You will come to class prepared with the proper texts & materials.
  • You will do your class work, homework, or makeup assignments in the allotted time.
  • You will participate in class discussions.



  • Sleeping, inappropriate behavior, & vulgar language will not be tolerated.
  • Personal grooming is not allowed.
  • The uniform/dress code policy will be enforced.
  • Cell phones and electronic devices are not allowed in the classroom. If any of these are visible, they will be TAKEN AWAY & sent to an administrator. Your parent/guardian must then pick up the item.
  • Homework will be collected at the beginning of class. No assignments will be accepted after the teacher has collected the homework.
  • Journals will be written first 10-15 minutes of class.
  • Notes will be reviewed when asked by the teacher.
  • All classwork & homework must be written in black or blue ink, unless stated that it must be typed. Assignments written in any other color or in pencil will not be accepted.




Ms. Morales

English /Period #




  • Stay in your assigned seat until the teacher dismisses you. The bell does NOT dismiss you.
  • Students will be expected to leave the classroom in the same condition they found it.


Substitute Teachers:

  • If there is a substitute teacher in the class, students will be expected to behave accordingly, as the class rules will be enforced.
  • No passes will be given by the substitute.
  • Work done with the substitute will be graded.



  • Only 2 restroom passes per period will be issued; please use the restroom before or after class.
  • Students are expected to go to the library & see other teachers on their own time.



Absences & Makeup Work:

  • Attendance is mandatory. Excessive absences will negatively affect your progress in class.
  • Make-up work will only be given for EXCUSED absences and with a valid admit from the attendance office. It is your responsibility to see me about make-up work as soon as you return to class.
  • Late homework will not be accepted, unless in the case of an excused absence.





Extra Credit:

  • Extra credit will be given at the teacher’s discretion. It will not be given on an individual basis.


Grading Scale:

A         90-100              C         70-79                F          0-59

B         80-89                D         60-69



2 Packs of Post Its

Pens (black or blue)

3 ring binder for assignments (with paper)

1 Pack of Markers or Colored Pencils

1 Pack of Construction Paper


* There are a variety of books that will be read in this class. You will be given time to purchase these books when we start reading the literature.


*I look forward to an exciting year with you!!!*


Ms. Elizabeth Morales

Language Arts Department

Felix Varela Senior High School