Project: Charlottes Web Soundtrack

We have finished reading Charlottes Web in class! There are different emotions that are expressed in the book. This is your chance to create your own soundtrack.

1. Pick ten (10) songs that represent any of the characters in the book and any situation in the book.

2. Download the music from the internet (if you do not have access to downloading music, please give me the names of the songs you would like me to download for you).

3. Turn in the reasons why you chose EACH of the 10 songs. No songs with BAD Words PLEASE.

4. Design a cover for your CD.

5. Write a brief summary of what Charlottes Web is about.

This project is worth four (4) grades.


Past Homework

November 21, 2008


Bring snack you signed up for in class for Tuesday Thanksgiving Pot Luck and Assignment 


Tuesday November 25, 2008


Homework: Write about what you did during your Thanksgiving Vacation.