The behavior system that we will be using is based on the traffic light behavior model.  Students will be reminded to “be a top apple.”  In the front of our classroom are 3 apples hanging from a branch.  The top apple is the biggest – a green apple with a smiley face on it – which the students will be reminded to stay on all day.  The next is a yellow apple – with a not so smiley face (a warning).  The smallest apple, a red apple with a sad face, is at the bottom.  Hopefully no one will visit the red apple this year!  Each student will have a worm with their name on it. Everyone begins each day on green.  If a classroom rule is broken, the student is simply warned.  If the misbehavior continues (2-3 warnings) the student's worm will be moved to yellowYellow stands for slow down and think.  The student will have the opportunity to discuss what happened with the teacher or classroom paraprofessional.  If the student’s behavior improves during the period, their worm will be moved back to green.  The color red is reserved for more severe or continuous misbehaviors.  If a student's worm is moved to red, a phone call will be made or note will be sent home.  I will make a mark in each student’s agenda books every night to communicate your child’s behavior for the day.  A green dot – your child was on their best behavior all day.  A yellow dot – your child needed a reminder of how to behave appropriately.  A red dot – your child was warned and continued to misbehave.  A phone call or note will be sent home.  Please sign your child’s agenda book each night.  Remember:  Every day is a new day for a fresh start.  Students always have an opportunity to start over.