chapter 2 review

Chapter 2 Self-Assessment Questions

(Student textbook pages 86–7)

1. d

2. b

4. c

5. d

9. a

10. c


12. sexual reproduction increases diversity, which increases resilience


17. Archaea are able to live in extreme environments. They are extremophiles. Bacteria are mesophiles (need moderate environments).


18. Sample answer: Carefully sterilize food containers so that bacteria are not introduced into the food. Wash all surfaces that come into contact with bacteria sources (for example, meat) carefully and don’t mix knives or cutting boards.


19. a. it doubles

b. between 50 and 60

c. Binary fission produces 2 copies from 1. Bacteria are so small, they do not need much time to grow before they divide again. If they are in a nutrient rich environment, they will reproduce quickly.


21. They are predators. Amoebas engulf their food. Paramecium “eat” by using their oral groove.


23. Two bacteria can join together via conjugation. The plasmid can travel from one bacteria to the other. The recipient divides by binary fission and the plasmid is now in two bacteria.