Chapter 32 The Skeletal System

The Skeletal System


Support: Support & give shape to Human body.

ProtectionProtect internal soft organs and tissues. E.g. Ribs protect heart & lungs.

Movement: Work with muscles to produce movement.

 Mineral storage: contain reserves of minerals such as calcium.

Blood Cell Formation: different types of blood cells are produced within the soft internal cavity of bones.

 There are 206 bones in an adult human skeleton.

Axial Skeleton: supports center axis of body (skull, vertebral column & ribs)

Appendicular Skeleton: includes the bones of the arms, legs & pelvis.

 See Figure 32-1 You need to know the parts listed.



Bones are a solid network of living cells and protein fibers that are surrounded by deposits of calcium salts.

Bone marrow: is contained within many bones. There are 2 types of marrow yellow & red.

Yellow= Fat storage  Red= Stem cell production.



 Joints: contain connective tissue that hold bones together, and permit bones to move without damaging each other.

 Ligaments: hold bones together in a joint.

Copy the 4 types of joints into your notes on page 926

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