February 17, 2012

Poetic Elements, Rhetorical Devices and Vocabulary Quiz



Number your paper 1 -34. On your paper, write the correct term next to the correct number on your paper.

Word Bank

Parallel Structure          Symbol             Syntax              Diction             Onomatopoeia             Assonance      

Alliteration       Haiku     Sonnet           Narrative Poem                  Lyric Poem         Perish     Suffice      Haunches

Catalog Poem               Rhythm            Logical (Logos) Appeal      Emotional (Pathos) Appeal      

Ethical(Ethos) Appeal     Analogy         Anecdote         Fact  

Part I Rhetorical Devices

 Identify the rhetorical device operating in each example below. 


  1. "When I think of our condition, my heart is heavy. I see men of my race treated as outlaws and driven from country to country or shot down like animals." (From Chief Joseph's selection, “An Indian's Views of Indian Affairs".)


  1. “Eighty-five percent of teens in America aren’t getting the sleep they need.”


  1. "I know that my race must change. We cannot hold our own with white men as we are. We ask only an even chance to live as other men live. We ask to be recognized as men." (From Chief Joseph's selection " An Indian's Views of Indian Affairs".)


  1. “Students who do not get enough sleep are like batteries drained of their energy.”


  1. "When Branch Rickey first met with Jackie about joining the Dodgers, he told him that for three years he would have to turn the other cheek and silently suffer all the vile things that would come his way. Believe me, it wasn't Jackie's nature to do that. He was a fighter, the proudest and most competitive person I've ever seen. This was a man who, as a lieutenant in the army, risked a court- martial by refusing to sit in the back of a military bus...." (From "Jackie Robinson" by Henry Aaron.)


  1. “If students are tired, they will not learn well.”


Part II Poetic Elements and Vocabulary

  Identify the correct term next to the correct number on your paper.


  1. ______________________ word choice.


  1. ______________________ repeats the sound of the first letter over and over in the same word phrase. Example: “From forth the fatal loins of these two foes….”


  1. ______________________ word order or grammar.


  1. ______________________ a musical quality based on repetition.


  1. ______________________ use of a word whose sound imitates or suggests its meaning; such as to say the word “buzz”.
  2. _____________________ be enough; be adequate.
  3. _____________________ The old pond;

                                                                                    A frog jumps in:

                                                                                    Sound of water.




  1. ______________________ Repetition of similar vowel sounds that are followed by different consonant sounds, especially in words that are close together in a poem. “Set the bread next to the vegetables.”
  2. ______________________ die, often violently.


  1. _____________________ a poem that often has a musical quality and tells about the speaker’s emotions.


  1. _____________________ A poem that tells a story.


  1. _____________________ A fourteen-line lyric poem.


  1. _____________________ “I was fifteen.” repeated at the end of each stanza in the poem establishes repetition and creates this kind of structure.


  1. _____________________ the hindquarters of an animal; the part of the body around the hips.


  1. ______________________ a poem that presents a list of many different images, such as “The Car”.



  1. A heart is a ____________________ of love, especially on Valentine’s Day. In “The Scarlet Ibis”, the Ibis was one for Doodle.



Part III MLA Format – the surprise section!


  1. Answer the following questions, according the MLA guidelines for how to format your essay.
  2. How is the date written? (Write today's date to show it correctly.)
  3. Where does the page number go?
  4. What size are the margins?
  5. What size is the font?
  6. What size is the spacing?
  7. Where does the title go?
  8. What size font should the title be?
  1. – 34. Write out a proper heading, in the correct order for an essay that is formatted in MLA style.