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If a student forgets his/her HW, print one of the assignments below.
Mon: Sp. ABC Order & Finish Line 161-163
Wed: Circle letters that make the long a vowel sounds & Theme Book p17-19
Thr: Sp. Write a synonym for 10 of the words, break rest into syllables &   Theme Book p20-21
Fri: Sp. Sentences & Study Island

This week:

Story: Various Poems

Comprehension Skills  ­­— Evaluate and Visualize (check student’s Agenda for explanation of  skills)

Phonics Skills— Different ways to make the Long a sounds (ai, ay, a-consonant-e, ea, ei,

Grammar – Identify & write complete sentences

Writing Skills:

  • Shape Poem , Characteristics of a friendly letter, Argumentative writing piece

Please remember to set aside 15-20 minutes each night for reading. Begin recording on your student created Reading Logs. One Reading Log must be turned in each Friday.J