Homework Expectations

Homework Expectations and Grading Policies:

Homework:  As they say “practice makes perfect”, and we view homework as just that—practice in becoming better readers, mathematicians, and thinkers.  As a result homework in math and reading are assigned nightly, and spelling homework is assigned on Monday and will be submitted on Fridays.      

Student have a green Homework Folder that goes home daily.  Each week, students will complete the following homework:

Spelling: We are learning new "Vocabulary Words" each week.  These are words that students might see on tests, in readings/stories, during math, etc. and should have a good understanding of what they mean in order for them to comprehend. They are to write detailed sentences using each of their vocabulary words. They will also have about 2 other activities to complete that will be listed on the bottom of the vocabulary terms    These activities are due on Friday of each week.  There will be weeks that we might focus on something else, so no actual words will be used during the week.The spelling words will be in the student's agenda. You can also access the weekly spelling list at www.spellingcity.com and enter the teacher name Amy Pacitto.

Reading:  In trying to give the children more opportunity to practice actually responding correctly to passages/stories read, than to just read to read words at times, we are now going to be completing an EOG style reading passage each night for homework. To help with building up stamina for "duraion" since the EOG's are longer tests,etc. we want our children to get used to sitting a focusing (and being quite/still) for longer periods or time.

Math: Every night, students will have a math worksheet to complete based on the math skills being reviewed that day.

Parents and students should expect daily homework Monday through Thursday.

Students are responsible for:
  • Writing down homework assignments in their planner
  • Making sure that they understand the assignment before leaving school
  • Turning in assignments when they are due
  • Making sure their parents see their agenda
  • Explaining to parents what homework has been assigned and when it is due
  • Making up assignments that are missed when absent
Teachers are responsible for:
  • Communicating their homework procedures clearly to students and parents at the beginning of the year
  • Posting homework assignments in classroom
  • Allowing time for student to record homework assignments in the student's Student Planner
  • Assigning homework that is purposeful and meaningful to student
  • Assigning homework that is related to daily academic program
  • Making comments on homework assignments and responding to notes in the Student Planners written by parents
Parents are responsible for:
  • Arranging a quiet, comfortable, well lit place for their student to work
  • Providing encouragement and support for their student
  • Communicating with the teacher when questions arise about an assignment
  • Checking the student's agenda daily for assignments and checking to make sure students have completed the assignments as written.

Marking/Grading assignments:

***Tests will be marked with the percentage correct and the corresponding letter grade.  ***Projects will be marked using a rubric and rubric totals will contain a corresponding letter grade. ***Homework and other class assignments will be marked with one of the following:a check (√)—This signifies that the work meets expectations and the students has been given credit for the assignment.A check minus (√-)—This signifies that the work did not fully meet expectations, but that the student  did receive credit for the assignment. A zero (o)— This signifies that the work was unacceptable due to lack of completion, lack of effort, or directions were not followed correctly.

 A = 100-93

 B = 92 - 85

C = 84 - 78

D = 77 - 70

F = 69 or lower