•  Language Arts:  Our language arts program is comprised of several components.           

 The first component is Reader’s Workshop.  During this time students will study novels that are both self and teacher selected and will learn comprehension and reflection strategies which will allow for a deeper understanding of the literature.   

The other element of our Language Arts program is Writer’s Workshop .  During this time students will reinforce both the content and the mechanics of their writing through writing in a variety of genres (including biography, poetry, short stories, etc.). 

  •  Math: Calculator Use:  Students will be learning to solve increasingly complex mathematical word problems this year. It’s important that they learn to use a calculator as a problem-solving tool. Students may use calculators to check their math homework problems that involve geometry, fractions, word problems, etc. However, students may not use calculators for skill drills and basic computation. 

  • Social Studies:  This year in social studies, we will discuss and study citizenship and people making a difference. 

  • Science: We will study the earth, moon & sun, plants & soil, and the muscular and skeletal systems of the human body.